Hillsboro Oregon Heating and Cooling: Heat pumps, furnaces, and air conditioning… Oh My! We certainly notice when they stop working, don’t we? When summer hits, our air conditioning units are the primary source of comfortability in our home. That cool relief quickly turns to discomfort when your air conditioner is on the fritz.Hillsboro Oregon Heating and Cooling

Similarly, when our heaters and furnaces go out in the winter, the cold and the chill from outside can quickly seep in through windows and doors. Make sure your furnace and HVAC system is ready for whatever Oregon weather sends our way. For heating and cooling systems in Hillsboro, contact Three Rivers Heating.

If you’re ready to upgrade that old oil furnace to a gas or propane heater, now is a great time. Maybe your converting to a heat pump, which is an innovative way to both heat and cool your home in an extremely efficient manner. You will need to worry about high levels of energy consumption when you choose a heat pump to heat and cool your Hillsboro home. The utilization of the heat transfer method that heat pumps use require ambient heat in the air outside in order to keep your home warm and cool. Heat pumps are a great way to cut down on energy and can reverse their operation to keep your home cool during the summer months.

If it’s time to upgrade a furnace, consider one of our top-of-the-line, tried and true brands such as Lennon, Daikin, Rheem or Mitsubishi. We service any and all gas or electric furnaces, air conditioning, and heating appliances regardless of the make and model. Boilers, or oil furnaces.

If you’re ready for heating and cooling service, an upgrade, or full on replacement, contact Three Rivers Heating, your Hillsboro heating and cooling professionals.

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