Getting multiple bids when it comes to any type of home improvement is a vital key in ensuring that you are working with the best professional in the industry and this is also true when it comes to either installing, servicing, or repairing your HVAC system. Oftentimes, homeowners are trying to find services that fall within their personal budgets, and while it is indeed important to try and set your own budgets, it is also important to know that cheaper is most definitely not always better.

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When it comes to choosing an HVAC company, you want to ensure to conduct your own research, check reviews, and of course, get multiple bids before choosing who to use for your heating and cooling needs. So, how many bids should you get before making your decision? As a general rule of thumb, you should always get three bids prior to choosing the professional you wish to use for your HVAC services.

If the three bids are close in price, you’ll want to ensure that you do extra research on each company, as their near equal pricing generally shows that they charge the fair or average amount for the services you are requesting. Should the bids differ drastically in pricing, there are a few things that you’ll want to ask yourself.

Is cheaper better?

Cheaper is not always better, and oftentimes bids that are far lower than others may not always provide the same quality of work. This can lead to future repairs, service, or even damage due to the lower quality of work and/or equipment.

How Many Bids Should I Get Before Choosing a New HVAC Company?

Is it a new company?

While not all new companies are a bad thing, after all, you must start somewhere, be warry of companies that are brand new and don’t have a healthy amount of customer reviews.

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How are reviews?

Reviews are a lifesaver and can give you a firsthand look into the quality of work provided by each company. It is also important to check multiple sources for reviews, as many websites will only highlight the “good” reviews and exclude those that are less than appealing.

Is the higher bid worth the price?

Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more to get better quality, so while the highest bid may be a hard pill to swallow, it may be worth it in the long run if the company providing the work far surpasses the others.

If you’re interested in learning more about a new HVAC system, are in need of service or maintenance on your current unit, or if you have any questions regarding heating or cooling, please feel free to contact one of our HVAC professionals at any time.


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