How to Spot HVAC Scams – As with any industry, you’re always going to find hackers, scammers, and fraud. Even in the HVAC, heating, cooling, and air conditioning industry, there are folks out there that simply want to take your money without actually giving you what you need or want. If you are in the market for a new HVAC system, here are some common HVAC scams or even new purchase scams of which to be aware.

How to Spot HVAC ScamsHow to Spot HVAC Scams

#1. Being forced or strongly persuaded to buy the most expensive product.

While it might be the best, you don’t necessarily need the most expensive but if you notice that your HVAC company is pushing the priciest product onto you, ask them to explain why that was the recommendation. Make sure that they have completed an assessment of the home to explain why they suggest that particular item.

#2. Getting an offer that’s too good to be true.

We all try to service our customers as best we can but some may cut corners just to make extra profit. If it sounds too good to be true, carefully consider exactly what was done and if they have thrown in a bunch of stuff for free that may not actually pan out. If the quote is dramatically different than all other quotes, you might find someone a little bit closer to the average.

#3. Being rushed into things.

If a technician is demanding, short with you, and not really professional, they may be trying to get you to sign things or by items without you really thinking about it. Trustworthy HVAC companies understand that this is a big purchase don’t want you rushing into items and purchases lightly. We want to make sure that you understand everything that you are buying and the benefit of your home.

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#4. Replacing parts or suggesting items that you really don’t need.

Good technicians can inform you that something needs repair but if it’s like an oil change company, they may be throwing in certain items and industry terms that you don’t know enough about to decline. A big red flag is when a technician suggests you have several faulty parts as this is rarely the case. Most HVAC failures is due to one or two defective compromises or parts rather than the integrity of the entire unit. It’s always best to seek multiple options before finalizing the service.

#5. Don’t fall for being “recharged”.

This scam has been going around for a long time and is one of the most dishonest scams out there. The “recharging” scam is unnecessary billing for refrigerants that you may not need. If the air conditioning unit is actually short on refrigerant, it means that the unit is leaking. The leak is the problem not just recharging what’s in there.

#6. Upfront cash.

No reputable HVAC company will ask for payment before providing any services. If a repairman or tech asks for payment upfront, they may simply want the money and run. Especially if you have someone knocking on your front door claiming that you need an annual service. We only serve customers that have called us directly with scheduled appointments.

#7. Watch out for bait and switch.

Shady HVAC companies could attempt to generate more business by making you an offer you can’t refuse such as certain discounted services or products. Once they are in the door, these unscrupulous salespeople could take advantage to sell you on other services or mislead you.

We want you to be aware of the risks out there and like any industry, there can always be shady characters.

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