The great debate among many homeowners is simply what temperature you should keep your home’s thermostat to ensure your home is both comfortable, but also efficient. In a perfect world there would be a magic number, and everyone would keep their thermostat at the perfect temperature, however, there are a few different factors that could play a role in your ideal thermostat setting.

So, What is the Best Temperature?

Many experts in the heating and cooling industry will agree that the “perfect” home temperature is set anywhere between 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. Having your thermostat set between these numbers is arguably going to be the most efficient way to keep your home cool, or warm, throughout the year. While the belief that you can crank the AC once your home heats up for an hour or two of reprieve, and then repeat the pattern once your home has warmed up again, is unfortunately a highly non efficient way to keep your home cool and it is actually better to keep your thermostat at one temperature all day long.

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thermostat temperatureWhile of course summer and winter months will vary and come with their own challenges, your thermostat won’t alter too much throughout the year. It is important to remember that in the winter months, the lower your thermostat is set, the slower your rate of thermal energy loss will be, and thus many homeowners choose to set their thermostats between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit in winter months. In summer months, it is common for homeowners to shift their thermostats by a few degrees and leave them anywhere between 75-78 degrees Fahrenheit.

Another easy way to keep your home efficient is to take advantage of the cool morning or evening air during the summer months by using fans, opening doors and windows, and creating cross breezes to help cool your home. Likewise, in the winter, dropping your heat settings at night is an easy and seemingly unnoticeable way to save a few bucks as you’ll be bundled up in blankets and cozy until morning.

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Routine maintenance and cleaning of your heating and cooling system is the single best ways to ensure that your home is energy efficient with its heating and cooling capabilities. Whether it’s time to upgrade your system, clean your air ducts, or if you require any maintenance, Three Rivers Heating and Cooling is here to help your home be as energy efficient as possible.

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