For many years, the traditional way of heating and cooling one’s home involved systems that required ductwork. That trend, however, is increasingly going away. Many homes being built in this day and age are forgoing the inefficiency and inconvenience of ducts. Modern technology has transformed the way homes are heated and cooled to such a degree that you no longer need to rely on the old ways. If you find yourself in a situation where you either don’t want or don’t have ductwork available for a furnace, you should know that there are a variety of options available to keep your home comfortable when you need it most.

Radiant HeatingWhat Should I Do if I Don’t Have Ductwork for a Furnace?

One option to consider is radiant heating. This method involves installing hydroponic or electrical mats underneath your floors or walls to dispense consistent heat throughout the home. Utilizing a hot water heater, the heated water works with the hydroponic tubes to spread warmth throughout the home.

One benefit to this method is the near invisibility of the system used to warm the home; however, an obvious downside to radiant heating is the fact that you’ll need to have access to the underflooring of the home if it wasn’t built with radiant heating in mind.


Another option you may find useful if you don’t have access to ductwork is a radiator. While these are less invisible to the naked eye, they excel at providing the right amount of heat you need for your home. You can install radiators just about anywhere in your home; and the units tend to stay warm for a period of time, even after being turned off.

Mini-split heat pump

This method is arguably one of the most popular and efficient ways to heat and even cool your home. A heat pump uses a very simple method of getting the job done: a compressor and condenser outside unit, an indoor air-dispenser, and a refrigerant line connecting the two. What makes the heat pump so effective is both the simplicity of its design and the energy efficiency of its operation. Look at saving possibly 30-40% more on your monthly electric bills through this method rather than traditional ductwork.

Another advantage of the mini-split system lies in the fact that you can have multiple units set up for different rooms. Gone are the days of a single temperature being set for the entire house; now each room can be set to the desired comfort level!

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