It’s no secret that changing your air filter is a common maintenance item when it comes to your heating or cooling system, however, oftentimes you may be unaware of the “why” behind the seemingly routine maintenance task. While there are multiple befits to changing your air filter regularly, here are a few of the most popular pros behind the replacement.

Clean Air

Take in a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, if you don’t change your air filter often, then you might not be able to do so. Each system is unique, and the more “stress” that is put on your system such as pets or multiple occupants within your home, then you may want to change your filter more frequently to help filter out any extra debris. By doing so, your air quality will improve, and you’ll help eliminate the amount of dust, dander, or debris that you would otherwise be breathing in.

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Benefits of Changing Your Air Filter RegularlyCleaner House

Amidst the vacuuming and mopping, dust seems to settle rather quickly within your home on nearly all flat surfaces, from nightstands, to the tops of ceiling fans seem to accumulate dust making regular dusting a weekly chore amongst many homeowners. By replacing your air filter regularly, you are eliminating the amount of dust that is within your home primarily because a clean filter can help capture and filter out the dust particles that could be entering your home though your vents.

Filtration & Health

As mentioned above, by changing your air filter you are helping to eliminate particles from the air, which can in turn, create better air flow within your home as well as help your system run more efficiently. When you don’t change your filter, in addition to breathing in the dust and debris particles, you also risk your system getting clogged which can often result in damage or even repairs.

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In addition to changing your air filter regularly, staying on top of routine maintenance and having your HVAC system serviced regularly are two easy ways to ensure that your heating and cooling system is working its best at all times and providing you with the proper heating or cooling needs.

If you have further questions regarding changing your air filter, need service or repairs to your heating or cooling system, or have questions regarding a new HVAC system, please feel free to contact one of our team members at any time.


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