In this day and age, owning a programmable thermostat provides great measures of comfort and peace of mind for many people. Technology has allowed for people to control the temperature inside their home through their mobile phones or other devices without having to be physically present in the home. While there are many varieties of programmable thermostats, which one is right for you?

To figure out what type of thermostat you should buy, let’s look at the most popular options:What is the Best Type of Programmable Thermostat for You?

7-Day Model

If your daily schedule changes from time to time – whether it’s due to working overtime or travelling regularly – the 7-day model thermostat may be just what you need. With this type of programmable thermostat, you can easily set different temperatures for different days and even times. It’s a great way to make sure your thermostat isn’t working too hard while you’re away.

5-2 Model

If you like to have a particular temperature set during the week and a different setting for the weekend, then the 5-2 model is right for you. Perhaps you find yourself away from home most of the week for work but really like to stay home during the weekends. Allowing the temperature to reach as high as 80 in the summer while you’re away from home and lowering it to 70 when you’re there can help keep utility costs low when you need it the most.

5-1-1 Model

The only real difference between this model and the last is the fact that you can set different temperatures during the weekend if you like. If you’re someone that spends time at home most of the day on Saturdays but are at church or with friends on Sundays, having a different temperature for those days can be quite beneficial.

Smart Thermostat

For those who really want to take advantage of the advancement in technology, smart thermostats should be right up your alley. These types of thermostats are programmed to get to know your daily routine in and out of the home. Maybe you want a certain temperature to set while you’re away but also want it to start cooling down a few minutes before you get home, you can program the thermostat to do so. Some even have reminders set to let you know when it’s extra humid outside or even if it detects a problem within your HVAC system. Google, Alexa, and Nest offer a wide variety of popular options for your smart technology.


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