When did you last clean your air ducts? It isn’t uncommon for both homeowners and renters to try and save money when and where they can, however one thing you should never skip is cleaning your air ducts. When you have elements of your home that are often out of sight out of mind, such as air ducts, it is easy to forget that they too require just as much maintenance and care as elements that are within the forefront of your home. By not cleaning your ducts you are risking a multitude of problems, the most common of which include mold, pests and clogs.


One of the biggest risks of choosing to forego air duct cleaning is the potential for mold growth. As the ducts begin to fill with dust and debris over time, moisture will also work its way into the ducts which can cause exponential mold growth which then can become a safety and health hazard within your home.

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air duct cleaningClogs

You would be amazed at how much “junk” is pulled out of a duct during a routine cleaning, at no fault of the homeowner or renter. The buildup is common within ducts and is the reason why having your ducts cleaned routinely is so important. Without this cleaning you could risk your ducts becoming clogged which can lead to poor ventilation as well as heating or cooling problems.


The word “pests” is one that no homeowner wants associated with their home which is another reason to stay on top of routine air duct cleaning. Without cleaning your ducts, you are unintentionally creating the perfect breeding grounds for pests of all kinds as the dust, debris and moisture is a prime place for pests to infest your home.


While there is a fee associated with routine cleaning, your cleanings will still end up saving you money in the long run as by neglecting your cleaning you risk all the above-mentioned factors, each of which can lead to hefty bills. From mold cleanings, severe clogs and cleanup, pest control, as well as a spike in your electric bill due to poor ventilation, skipping your routine cleanings will cost you far more than you may realize.

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While some people have a go-getter attitude and take great pride in maintaining their home, when it comes to duct work, HVAC systems, as well as routine cleaning or maintenance, it is always best to leave this work to professionals within the field so that you can ensure your home, and ducts, are being taken care of properly.

If you have any questions regarding air duct cleaning, HVAC systems, preventative maintenance, or are wanting to have your system upgraded or inspected, please feel free to contact our office at any time.

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