3 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Home – Electric bills are skyrocketing everywhere in America and many are looking to find a way to conserve energy in their home and save themselves some money. There are some larger projects you can take on such as solar or other alternative energy sources but what can you do to help save energy in the home you have without a large home improvement. There are many small everyday changes in your power use that can be easy to make. These changes don’t cost much but can add up in savings.

3 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Home 3 Simple Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

The washing machine and dishwasher are designed to run most efficiently when they are running with a full load. If you run them only when they are full, you are running them less often and this cuts your energy use. When you are using the washing machine it is best if you wash with cold water. If you only use hot water when you need to clean the washer or disinfect it, you can save up to $60 or more a year depending on the energy rates in your city. It is helpful if you keep your appliances clean because they then run as efficiently as they can. 

Changing your habits will have a big effect on your power use. It’s as simple as switching out your incandescent lights. Traditional light bulbs use about 95% of their energy by giving off heat. They only use 5% of their energy toward light. Switching them out or using them sparingly can make a difference. Taking shorter and colder showers can cut energy that is used by your hot water heater. A typical shower can use 2.5 gallons of hot water a minute so think of all that you can save by cutting your shower time in half. Turning off electronics and appliances when they are not in use is a big saver as well. Leaving your computer on while it is not in use can shorten the lifespan of the device. This is the same for televisions, printers, and all other electronics. 

Using power strips around your home to plus your electronics will be a big energy saver. This enables you to quickly turn the power strip off when the electronics are not in use and stop the devices from using energy. Installing low-flow showerheads will give you maximum water efficiency and cut water and energy consumption. You can add aerators to your faucets that have a low flow rate and give you savings on water use and energy. 

It is important to keep saving every home by staying aware of what you are using and motivated to cut costs. It is possible by doing some of these small actions you will see a difference in your monthly bill.

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