When Should You Buy a New Air Conditioner?

Should you wait for a good deal? Wait till it poops out on you or try and limp it along for as long as you can? The choice to buy a new air conditioner is probably one that you don’t think about until you need to. You check models, sizes, prices, etc… and there are a lot of different variables in play. Time also comes into play. When is a good time to buy an air conditioner?

When is the best season to buy an air conditioner?

Obviously, people tend to buy air-conditioners in the summer when the temperatures start hitting some pretty toasty numbers.

But, that doesn’t always mean it’s the best time to buy. Most people don’t realize they need a new air conditioner until the summer is in full swing and the temperatures demand and AC units. This can also mean it’s a hard time to find a good deal since HVAC and heating and cooling companies know that people need them during the summer.

But, it’s a common myth that buying an air conditioner in the winter will be the best deal either. Just because winter is a time where you may not need your conditioner doesn’t mean it’s the perfect time to buy an AC unit. Winter can be just as busy of time as summer with more focus on HVAC and heating services, so deals may or may not be had in the winter.

Since the two most extreme temperatures may or may not be the best time to buy, those in-between seasons seem to be the best time. When there’s temperate weather, decreased demand, and convenient services, these are some of the best times to consider buying or replacing your air conditioning unit. Waiting when the temperature is moderate, not too cold, and not too hot, is going to be one of the best times for purchasing an air conditioning unit as service is usually slower and air conditioning companies may put things on sale during this time.

There’s also a decreased demand. In the fall and spring, around those temperate weather times, you might be able to find rebates, coupons, or even energy-efficient discounts from your utility company. You may also get additional service with less of a hassle from most HVAC companies.

So there you have it; for the best service, best price, and best option, tried to purchase your air conditioning unit in the fall or in the spring when temperatures are moderate and there’s less demand. For more information on replacing your air conditioning unit in the Portland metro area, contact us below at any time.

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