When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit? Living just about anywhere in the thick of summer means having a working AC unit is even more crucial. No one wants to be stuck without a functioning unit to keep them comfortably cool when the sun is out, and the humidity is strong. Part of ensuring you have a functioning AC is by servicing it and keeping it clean and serviceable so it can do its job; but how often should one be servicing their AC?

Once a year? Every month or quarterly throughout the year? Let’s discuss this in more detail so you not only know when to service your AC but also know how to do it right. When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

When to Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?When Should You Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Depending on where you look, multiple people will tell you different answers as to when you need to service your air conditioner. To know what’s really best for you involves simply knowing your own living situation. For instance, do you have pets? Are you, your spouse, or your kids suffering from allergies?

Does someone in your family suffer from respiratory issues? An air conditioning unit doesn’t simply cool your home; it is also affected over time by dust and dirt that inevitably invade its air filter and other areas.

Generally speaking, a good rule of thumb is to service your air conditioner at least once a year, preferably two times a year. If someone in your family is suffering from some of the above issues, servicing it more often may be necessary.

How to Service Your Air Conditioning Unit?

If you’re not sure how to go about servicing your AC unit, you should rest easy knowing it’s relatively simple. In fact, some HVAC services even offer their own regular maintenance checkup packages – from every six months to even more options. However, you can do your own regular checkups on your AC unit to keep it as clean and well maintained as possible.

First, you should clean the air filter regularly. Over time, dust and dirt collect inside and not only make it harder for the air to cool your home but also make the air dirtier and dirtier. If you have family members suffering from allergies or have pets, you’ll want to clean the air filter even more regularly – from every few months to every month depending on your situation.

Second, determine the effectiveness of your AC by testing it out during the season. If you notice poor performance from the system or the fact that your home isn’t cooling, then it’s time to call a professional before the problem worsens.

Finally, fight against potential mold and mildew buildup by dumping a bleach-water mixture down the drain of the unit. This will also help lengthen the effectiveness of your unit and prevent a possibly very expensive repair down the road.

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