Which is the Most Reliable AC Brand – Replacing and purchasing a new AC system for your home is a large expense that you do not want to do very often and you want to make sure you are not only choosing the best system available for your price range, but the most reliable system available. In today’s day and age, working from home has become more prevalent and as a result many have appreciated their air conditioning systems in the last two years more than any other time in history. This has created a lot of business for AC companies with 15% of people purchasing a new system in the last two years. So when you are looking for a new system, what is the most reliable AC brand out there and how is this determined?Which is the Most Reliable AC Brand

As far as reliability there are five brands that were given an excellent top rating based on customer satisfaction. According to consumer reports, these five brands are Lennox, Trane, American Standard, and Carrier. There are several reasons these are considered the most reliable brands. First is that they are said to run quietly and cool quickly compared to other AC systems.

Lennox air conditioners are the most efficient.

They are known as the brand that has the most energy efficiency as well as the best price range for the product you are getting. The SEER rating for Lennox air conditioners is 14-16 and their efficiency levels are above 98%.

The Lennox 14ACX will cost you from $3,100 to $7,400. This brand keeps temperatures evenly balanced in your home which runs evenly for a longer period of time while removing humidity. This brand also uses a quantum coil as opposed to the aluminum coils or spine fin coils. The Lennox buying guide provides you with a comprehensive look at all other best-selling brands as well.

Trane Central AC Units rank above average in consumer satisfaction and dependability.

The challenge can be finding someone who installs because the company is picky about who they allow installing their equipment. Trane Central AC uses a spine fin coil side by side. This helps with quicker cooling. They are known for their standard 10-year warranty which covers parts and labor. These units have a 14 SEER rating in energy efficiency. These units can cost from $3,300 to $6,100. They are known to be pricier than other HVAC brands but have one of the better warranties.

American Standard Air Conditioners is a great AC brand.

They make 7 different central air conditioners. It is reliable and known for its quality and durability. The brand offers more
than just reliable AC, it offers furnaces as well. This is a company that focuses on central-based air conditioning. Their average unit cost is $3,500 to $6,100. This company is known to get the least repair calls for their AC systems

Carrier Air Conditioners is another top-rated brand.

Mostly because they are built with strict quality standards. This brand has an excellent reputation. These AC units are built mostly by third-party components. This brand has a higher price range from about $4,800 to $7,300. This is because they offer more options and the highest SEER rating available. This company also has heat pumps, gas furnaces, and other HVAC systems.

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