Ductless AC almost always adds value to your home. If you currently don’t have AC, your home becomes much more valuable and desirable when you put in an AC system. This is extremely important for those that live in areas that can experience extremely hot and or humid summers. It increases the value of your home because many buyers will not be willing to live through uncomfortably hot summers and they don’t want to take on the cost of installing a system themselves.

Cost and Size of Ductless ACDoes Ductless AC Add Value To A Home?

Ductless AC systems have a range in cost due to the size of the system, the type of system, the manufacturer, and the size of your home. The average cost of a 12,000 BTU dauntless mini-split air system is around $3,000. The benefits of this kind of system is that it is less damaging to your home and is less time-consuming than a central air system. Running ductwork is a difficult process and the interior of your home is greatly affected for some time. It also requires home repairs and none of this is a factor if you go with a ductless system. You can also eliminate the worry that the ducting is not done right, which would make your home less energy efficient. This is a common problem that so many have. This problem is eliminated when you are using a ductless AC system.

Ductless is Efficient

Ductless systems are known to be more efficient than traditional HVAC systems. This means you spend less money each month to cool your home and that is an attractive sale point. Ductless systems are made up of a compressor that goes outside of your home and one or several units that are mounted inside a wall, ceiling, or even a floor in some circumstances. These units provide cooling. These units can also be hidden if you are worried about their look aesthetically.

A majority of homeowners prefer the look of the ductless mini-split systems over the traditional HVAC systems. You can’t hide a traditional HVAC system as well. Homeowners love the flexibility of this because of the zoning ability. They can be installed in a variety of configurations and homeowners like this autonomy of choice. This all depends on what is already currently in your home and you need to consider that before making any decisions or changes to the current system. If you do not have a current system, then ductless is definitely the way to go.

Ductless AC systems definitely add value to your home. Whether you are looking to sell or not, any home improvement should increase your investment and that is why it is important to look at the ductless AC systems when looking to replace or install an AC system in your home.

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