Building a cover for your air conditioner seems like something that could boost your curb appeal and help hide the not so visually appealing AC unit. While many covers can indeed help hide the unit from guests that may be enjoying your backyard, there are a few risks by doing so, many of which can lead to repair, damage, and even cause your system to preform lower than it should.

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There are many different reasons that homeowners may choose to cover their air conditioner, whether for curb appeal, storage capabilities, etc. however, most professionals agree, you should never try to encase, cover, or “hide” your air conditioner. Why? Let’s explore the outcomes that could arise should you choose to cover your unit.

Should I Build a Cover for my Air Conditioner?Air Flow

The simplest reason as to why air conditioner covers should be avoided is simply due to the fact that the covers block air flow. Good air flow is needed in order for your system to function properly and provide cooling within your home.


With reduced air flow you could risk the potential for mold growth, most commonly seen on the evaporator coils, which can also end up causing your system to perform poorly, in addition to cause potential health hazards.

Rodents and Pests

With Fall and Winter approaching, many rodents and pests will start finding places to take shelter for the winter months, and unfortunately air conditioner covers are a prime location for rodents and pests to nest and escape the weather.

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Operating Efficiency

Ultimately, by building an air conditioner cover, you are essentially lowering your unit’s operating efficiency, which can lead to maintenance, repairs, damages, higher electric bills, and in severe cases, system replacement.

It’s no secret that AC units aren’t the most visually appealing thing in the world, however, trying to hide the unit by creating covers is a huge reason that many units may not be preforming well. Many homeowners, as well as HVAC professionals agree, the visible unit is far more appealing than a broken, or lower functioning system that could potentially be filled with mold or pests.

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