How to Tell When Your AC Needs Replacing

How to Tell When Your AC Needs Replacing? Getting through a hot summer means making sure you have a functioning air conditioning unit. Nobody wants to replace their HVAC system, but like everything else, there is a due date on all forms of technology. How are you supposed to tell the difference between needing a simple repair on your AC unit and needing an outright replacement? Here are some things to keep in mind to properly decide on when your AC needs replacing.

#1: Your air conditioning unit keeps breaking down.

It’s perfectly normal for items to need repair. However, if your unit continues to break down and needs repairing, it’s a telltale sign that a replacement may be in order. As the air conditioning unit ages, the internal parts begin to wear out and struggle to cool your home effectively. Constant repairs can end up being as expensive as a simple replacement after so many failed attempts.

#2: Your air conditioning unit struggles to cool the home.

Owning an AC unit that doesn’t cool your home effectively during the warm summer months is less than ideal. If you’ve noticed your home not cooling off as well as before and repairs doing little to fix the problem, then that means it’s time to make an important investment.

#3: Your air conditioning unit is too old.

Typically, air conditioning units are meant to last anywhere from 10-12 years before breaking down completely. If you plan on moving into a different home, you’ll want to check with the current owner to see how old the system is. Even if the unit is several years old, you can likely continue using it for a few years before needing to address a problem.

#4: Your monthly utility bills keep getting higher.

While it’s not a guarantee that your air conditioning unit is to blame, higher utility bills could provide reason enough to check how effectively your unit runs. If it’s as simple as leaving the door open when going outside for a minute or two, then that’s an easy issue to fix; however, if you haven’t changed your routine, it could be a good idea to have an inspection done on your HVAC system to determine if it’s running as well as before. Buying a new system, while expensive in the short term, will be beneficial in the long run with energy efficiency and lower monthly bills.

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