Do you live in Milwaukie, OR, or somewhere in the Portland Metro? You deserve a reliable, efficient HVAC system and a service company capable of providing it. At Three Rivers Heating & Cooling, you’ll receive fast, efficient and cost-effective service for a wide range of HVAC equipment. Whether you’re installing new products or maintaining an existing system, our technicians get the job done right. With every service we provide, our goal is to educate customers with honest information about their HVAC system. The better informed they are, the more they can get out of their heating and cooling.

For example, did you know that half of your home’s energy use goes toward heating and cooling? To help you save money along the way, our staff is always thinking about your long-term comfort needs. Consider the following: if you’re looking to replace your furnace, we may recommend installing a heat pump instead for improved energy efficiency during milder winter temperatures. Whatever we do suggest will always be in your favor, for both effective equipment and maximum energy efficiency.

As a veteran-owned and family-oriented business, Three Rivers Heating & Cooling recognizes the value in supporting our communities however possible. This dedication to the best possible HVAC service is why we were awarded 2021’s “Best HVAC Professionals in Portland” distinction by While we’re proud of the recognition, our top priority remains the comfort and satisfaction of people in and around Milwaukie, Oregon, as well as throughout the Portland metro.

When you enlist our services, you’ll appreciate our relentless pursuit of:

  • Straightforward, up-front prices: The costs of repair, installation or maintenance services shouldn’t be masked by hidden fees or dodgy pricing. With Three Rivers Heating & Cooling, you’ll know what things cost from the start.
  • Fast response times: The longer HVAC problems go unresolved, the more likely they are to worsen or expand. Our technicians try to respond to service calls as soon as possible to minimize damage and disruption to your sense of comfort.
  • Cost-effective solutions: An efficient, well-maintained HVAC system can save you a lot of money on long-term costs. We walk you through repair and replacement options to help you find the most cost-effective solution.

If you’re ready for a better class of HVAC services in and around Milkwaukie, OR, get in touch with the local experts at Three Rivers Heating & Cooling today. You can reach us by phone at 503-213-4433.

Award-Winning Service

Top HVAC Contractors in Portland

We are excited to announce that Three Rivers Heating and Cooling has been named Best HVAC Contractor by Industry Oversight Report in 2023, placing us among the select few recognized winners.

307 Multnomah County Heating & Air Conditioning companies were scored across a variety of salient criteria, and Three Rivers Heating and Cooling has been recognized as the Top HVAC Contractor in Portland. We are proud to be recognized for our outstanding success and commitment to excellence.

Additionally, to help customers identify popular and top-rated professionals, we’ve been featured on the list of Best HVAC Contractors in Portland.

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